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Global Gallery Artwork Submissions

The EVOKE contest is now closed. The quality of artistic submissions and insight into complex human rights issues was very inspiring! Check out the winning submissions below.



Homophobia seems to be prominent in the Aboriginal community, as one delves deeper into history one can see that this was not always the case. In the past many Aboriginal tribes had Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people or "Two-Spirited" people as prominent figures in their tribes. In the future of Human Rights, I see this cultural acknowledgement happening, not only for Aboriginal cultures but also for many other cultures abroad. An acknowledgement of LGBT people in modern societies as human beings in cultures is what I see for the future of human rights; not witch-doctors, not demons and not sinned souls but human beings.

avatar Jack Saddleback Age: 21

I categorize myself as an "Artivist", through my art I like to bring my activist subjects into light.

Jack Saddleback is an award winning Two-Spirited Transgendered Cree Artist from Hobbema, Alberta. He delves into many art mediums that cover such topics as Gender, Sexuality and Race however he is certainly not limited to these.
"We Only Live Once,
Live to the Fullest"

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One hundred and nineteen children are crowded into a single classroom of a rural school in Western Kenya. In 2003, the Kenyan government elimiated school fees at the primary level, revealing--in principle--the country's to the global consensus on Education For All (EFA). Yet large class sizes and astonishing pupil:teacher ratios leave both Kenyans and internationals wondering if, in Kenyan primary schools, quantity has come at the expense of quality. Does the right to access free education also come with the right to quality education?

avatar Andrea Dykshoorn Age: 24

I'm currently working on my Master's degree in Development Studies at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, The Netherlands. I would like to do my research in refugee integration (what "integration" means, and how it's measured) and the issues confronting refugee youth. If anyone has any information for me, I would greatly appreciate it!


a way to bring many parts of the world, food, and culture together into one piece. in perfect harmony. the way it should be.. viewed as equal.

avatar Melissa Bazuniuk Age: 20

I graduated from Miles MacDonell, Winnipeg MB. I was the Grad Rep for that year.

I am currently attending the University of Winnipeg, and studying Social Sciences and Psychology. When I am older I want to be a social worker for our youth.

My Interests include;

- fine arts and theatre,
- cultures,
- volunteering,
- helping others in need,
- photography,
- Voicing my opinion at all times and giving advice,
- world issues,
- friends and bonding.


Le Canada d'aujourd'hui, un pays où les droits de la personnes sont respectés

avatar Jolyane Caissie Age: 16



A photo commentary unveiling the recurring systemic inequality faced by Canada's aboriginal peoples - despite the popular illusion of cultural pride and preservation.

avatar Jeremy Dyer Age: 19



This photograph expresses my opinion of freedom. Every race, sex, child, woman, man, should possess freedom. Freedom to achieve their goals, and freedom to be themselves. The figure in the middle is reaching out, there is nothing holding back the figure from reaching for what they want. Maybe they want to be a teacher, or a painter; nothing is holding them back from that. Nothing is around to pressure them, nothing is around to discourage them, to tell them that they can't. In the middle, it's actually myself, as I set my camera up on a tripod. I have short hair (as a girl), and I like in this picture you can't really tell if it's a girl or a boy. Each sex should have freedom. I've discovered that over the centuries, males and females are becoming more equal, each are having equal freedom, and I think that's fair to us all. It's important for us as humans to feel free, feel free to stick up for what we believe in, and to feel free to be accepted. I'm glad this museum is being made, so that people can see that there are different people in the world. This picture isn't based on African Canadians, of Asians, or the French, or English, or European.. It's just about EVERYBODY. That's why I picked this isolated spot on this hill, because there's nothing to say that the person in the middle comes from a certain place, it could be anyone. Thanks for listening to my opinion on freedom, and I hope you enjoy the photograph!

avatar Alanah Correria Age: 15

Hello world, and all of your people. My name is Alanah and I am from Canada. I also speak french as well as English. I'm an artist and I play piano/keyboard and guitar. Music and art is my passion, and I love photography. I want to be an environmental activist (or just an activist) one day and help restore peace to our only world. I can't wait to meet new people who love the world that we live in.


A child and woman is 'exposed' to danger in their own land and by their own military. Human rights could still be doubted in any day and age.

avatar Beverly Uvilluk Age: 22

I am from Nunavut.
I've lived to escape with drawing. I taught myself to be independent by drawing. I believe travelling teaches you how to be yourself by seeing that you've accomplish one step away from your home country or community. That too, is visual art.


This is about discrimination. I never faced it myself, but stories I have heard from others touched me and it gave me a sense of how it would look and the emotions I have felt about the stories others shared on discrimination. I did this art to show how the LGBT communities have to face this kind of discrimination and also show how big of an impact it would have on the lives of others. Everyone deserves to live equal as humans and also everyone has the rights and freedom to be who they are as a person.

avatar Joshua Baton Age: 21

Hi, my name is Josh, as you can see, I live in the Northwest Territories. A bit on myself, I'm an inspired artist and also musician, still working on both, but I am alright in that area. I'm graduating this year, so this is my last year in high school and I am off to college next year or this coming fall.


This sculpture signifies what human rights brings to the landscape of conflict. It can be the difference between war and peace. When human rights are protected, we can soar into peace. Here we see a dynamic white dove emerging from khaki green and beige infantry figures.

avatar Aziza Mohammed Age: 22

I'm pursuing a Joint Specialist program in Peace and Conflict Studies/ International Relations at the University of Toronto.


The purpose of this work is an attempt at capturing the true result of war and violence in a graphic visual style. Throughout my research, I have found many emotionally charged photographs of young children who reveal the effects of this horrible state of living. The look of utter distress and sadness that can be found within the eyes of these children is the purest form of evidence for displaying the atrocity of the crimes committed against them. Abuse of human rights can happen to anyone, at anytime, and I believe that this becomes most evident when it happens to children. Incorporating stark black and white imagery into my painting was my way of interpreting how these horrible experiences have drained the colour of life from the children, while the red represents the violence they must endure throughout their lives.

avatar Evan Hammell Age: 16



Je suis de religion Baha'i. J'ai la chance d'être née dans un pays ou je suis libre d'exercer mes croyances. Depuis plus de 2 siècles, mes coreligionnaires iraniens, la plus importante minorité religieuse d'Iran, sont privés de plusieurs de leurs droits fondamentaux, simplement en raison de leurs croyances. Ils sont persécutés, emprisonnés, tués, l'éducation leur est refusé, leurs propriétés et cimetières sont ravagés, etc. Les Baha'is sont des gens très pacifiques qui croient en l'unité de l'humanité et en la non-violence. Dans ce tableau, je souhaite représenter les 7 leaders baha'is iraniens, qui sont en prison depuis 2008, avec des accusations très graves et sans fondement. Sept colombes, dont ils peuvent enfermer le corps dans une cage, mais dont l'esprit est éternellement libre. Et tout autour, leurs frères et leurs soeurs du monde qui ont les yeux rivés sur eux.

avatar Elodie Beaulieu Age: 19

Je suis Québécoise, j'ai 19 ans et je souhaite servir l'humanité á travers les arts!


Think Human Rights
Think freedom of speech
Think past, present, future

avatar Michelle Thompson Age: 22

Hi! I was born and raised here in Canada, between Regina, Winnipeg and Saskatoon. After highschool I moved to the U.K. for almost two years to work and travel. I have done further travelling and spent three months in southern Germany, and six months earlier this year in Spain. I have completed one year of studies at the University of Saskatchewan; but due to budget cuts, my degree has been canceled and I am in the process of finding a new plan!